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A Plus Auto Salon

San Antonio Car Detailing, Hand Car Wash and Car Wash

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Your Neighborhood Car Wash

You put your car through a lot, so why not put it through a custom car wash? A Plus Auto Salon is a premier car wash company that serves the greater San Antonio area. We offer various options to clean your car inside and out, from top to bottom. We provide the gentlest, safest and most effective system for protecting your investment in the vehicle that you drive.

Keys to Protecting Your Investment

Here in San Antonio, we understand the problems that bad weather can create because airborne contaminants include corrosive particles carried by rain and snow. Also damaging are sand, gravel and deicing agents that soak into the road asphalt and get flushed to the surface by rain. We recommend that drivers in San Antonio keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep your vehicle in the garage whenever possible to avoid exposure to pollutants.
  • Even if you wash your car yourself with a bio-friendly soap, just hosing off the wheels and body dislodges contaminants that end up in rivers, streams and lakes.
  • You need to wash your car promptly after it rains because the pollution delivered in the drops of water can chemically damage the paint and clear coat layer.

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(210) 541-4161
(210) 559-6387

The Finish is in the Shine

Exposure to road oils, sun rays, tree sap, bird droppings and other various pollutants in the environment in San Antonio deteriorate automotive finishes. The best way to help prevent permanent damage is with regular washing. At A Plus Auto Salon, we utilize the most effective cleaning materials in the industry to remove dirt safely while protecting the finish and enhancing the shine.

Contact Us Today

For more information about A Plus Auto Salon and the services we offer San Antonio, please contact us today at (210) 541-4161. We are happy to answer your questions and provide details about our current special packages.


Have driven past this place for a few years now, and was always curious about it. Finally a couple of weeks ago I decided to stop in, and I'm so glad I did. Typically I will go to a do it yourself carwash, and I've heard some bad things about wash tub so I have always been hesitant about using a carwash service. But I took a chance on Texas Auto Salon and man! I wish I had gotten the guys name but he did an amazing job! Like I said, it's been a couple of weeks now and it still looks great. I would highly recommend you stop by and give this place a try. And make sure to tip your worker!

-Damien D

Awesome all around with service and customer service

-Becki Williams

Great service and great prices

-Karolin Peralta

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